Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Thai Belief

Do you know where you come from? What makes people different from each other. Someone was born in a rich family, but feel very lonely. On the other hand, someone was born in a poor family, but feel so warm. There is no perfect world in the real life. Someone is very lucky in gambling, someone has to work so hard to get a little paid. According to Thai Belief, we believe that every result must come from the cause. We are not trying to make up a story just to make people believe. However, we want the readers to realize that you will get what you have done. If you behave well, then you will get good return. If you behave badly and selfish, then you will get bad treatment from others. If you get rich by hurting others, then your money will be taken away by your children whom you will never refuse. There are a lot of things that happen in our lives. If you just look back and open up your mind, you will see the reason why you have to do things that way or this way. Religion is the central of people's mind. Each religion teaches people to do good things, to behave themselves and to help others. You do know why you all have been taught like that? Because we all want our lives to be better not only the rest of your life, but also for the next life. Thai people like to visit temples when they are feeling happy, feeling down and feeling fear. We will visit temples and give food to monks on our birthday, new house celebration, Thai new year, wedding day, anniversary day and religious days. It makes us feel good all day. In addition, we visit temples and give food to monks on the funeral day, and whenever we feel down. Giving food to the monks and donation is one way to make merit in our soul. Some of you have even seen Thai people release birds and fish at the temples. That's another way to make merit which is to give life to animals. There are many ways that you all can make merit. Nowaday, people are so rush and selfish. We need people to give things that you have more than enough to others, give them opportunity and chances are they can help you in return in the future. You'll never know what will happen in the future. Therefore, we all have to hold on together and help each other, then we can create tremendous power. Nothing can destroy our world…I believe.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Week of Complication--Blessing in Disguise

So long time I had not written anything more in my blog cuz I had to study on my thesis attentively. It's quite a hard work for me. Sorry to delete all of the old articles. Finally, everything is going to be completed by myself. It kinda be difficult to run and manage it in a time because there were many troubles initially that I had to find its solutions or the ways to complete it as fast as I can, liked to hang in balance. After I finished my thesis, I had to do many thing for the final oral examination. I had a problem about my data so I had to change it as fast as possible, in a time. Everyone know that if you wanted to change some of bureaucratic data, it would take more time at least 2 or 3 days, so if I wanted to run it in a limited or short time I had to do everything by myself without any choice. I was so tired but nothing was perfect, I thought always. The trouble was challenging your life, you had to kill it by using your temptation, brain, and intellect as wonderful weapons that you didn't have to buy or find from anywhere. There was, however, just a one barricade. Realize that there are many barricades that you have to pass them by your abilities. CHIN UP!!!!